Acrylic is glass look alike plastic which has grown popular over the years with advertising companies of Abu Dhabi to make a range of acrylic products.

Acrylic Sheet is available in transparent as well as various colors in different sizes of varying thickness from 1mm to more than 20mm.
Acrylic sheets can be laser cut and CNC router cutting can also be done.
With Acrylic laser cut letters, alphabets or any shape can be cut out which can be used make various indoor and outdoor signs, Acrylic logo, Acrylic Box, Tissue Box, Acrylic Podium, Acrylic reception signs, Acrylic sandwich, cake toppers, Acrylic Polygon Boxes, Acrylic display boxes, PPE box, Suggestion Box, Information boards, gallery picture frames, wayfinding signs, Acrylic Signboards, etc.
We are expert makers of all kinds of Custom Acrylic Trophy.

Here at Al-Jihad Advertising, one of leading Acrylic Fabrication Company in Abu Dhabi have invested in state of the art laser cutting machine and experienced professionals to deliver premium quality Acrylic Products in a short time.
We have Acrylic buffing, tapering, and polishing machines to give the products an exquisite look.
With help of our experienced 3D designers, we are able to virtually show your Acrylic Product.

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