Safety signs are everywhere. You see them in factories, construction zones, and other places where there is a potential for danger. But do you know why they are necessary? Let’s take a look at the safety sign and what it means!

Dangerous Area

There are times when you need to follow a specific path in order to get around a hazard or potentially dangerous area, such as an electrical hazard (of which you should avoid contact). The “safety line” means that if you need to walk around this hazard, you must step over the line in order to keep your safety intact, following the designated route by stepping only on marked spots. If there isn’t a designated route or path then it is required for everyone who walks through the area to wear a full-body harness.

Proper Personal Protective Equipment

The safety sign indicates that you are entering into a potentially hazardous area and require the use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes, but is not limited to hard hats, safety glasses/goggles, steel-toed boots, earplugs/muffs, dust masks/respirators, etc. You should always consult your supervisor or foreman before entering this type of the area to make sure you have all the proper equipment for the job.

Danger High Voltage

The “Danger High Voltage” sign means danger! It is very important to keep in mind any high voltage areas while working, if you do not then accidents can happen when people are doing jobs leading to serious injuries or even death. This sign is similar to the “Danger High Voltage” sign, except this one means not only high voltage but danger in general! Be sure to refrain from entering an area with this type of danger unless you are extremely sure it has been deactivated (i.e.: the power has been cut). It may also be instructive for children and other people who might not know what they are seeing not to enter into these areas either.

Diamond-Shaped Sign

While it looks like an ordinary black square on a white background most people don’t realize that there is more meaning behind this simple design than meets the eye! The diamond-shaped sign is used as an indication of radiation hazard – a warning that it is necessary to wear proper radiation safety equipment in order to not be exposed.

Chemical Areas

This sign is used in areas where there are hazardous chemicals present in quantities that require the use of special precautions when entering. This may include special ventilation with airtight rooms, or when wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for handling these chemicals; such as boots with no seams, face shields, etc.

Slippery When Wet

While this one seems like an easy mistake to make – don’t mistake this safety sign for “Slippery When Wet!” It means just that but also requires extra care when walking over it because the floor has recently been cleaned and has become slippery! Be sure to watch your step and be careful while passing over this area, especially if other people are also walking through this area.


This is obviously a warning sign but looks again – do you see the skull and crossbones? These symbols indicate that what you are dealing with can potentially cause death, so be extremely careful when working near any areas marked with these symbols! Make sure to follow all specific guidelines for safety as indicated on the sign/marking. Also, note it may be required to wear full-body radiation protection gear if this type of material has been identified in your work area.

Caution Sign

The final type of safety sign we will cover here is the “Caution” sign which means extra care should always be taken when entering into an area where this type of marking has been used! Just as with the “Danger” types of signs, this means there is a possibility of serious injury or death if you aren’t careful. A few examples of situations where these may be used are high voltage areas, high-temperature areas, and chemical spill locations.

Road Work Ahead

In construction zones, even outside ones, one can see many warning signs for potential dangers that might pose a threat to your safety if not handled properly. When roads are undergoing construction traffic flows a little bit more complicated until the work zone is completed. Then there is a yellow ” Road Work Ahead” sign on the side of the road. They mostly use orange cones to guide drivers through detours in order to avoid blocking traffic in case they need to stop suddenly when something unexpected happens. There is only one sign but it warns you of multiple potential dangers.

Termination: Safety signs are important for a variety of reasons. By understanding the meaning behind each type of sign, you can protect yourself and stay safe while in potentially dangerous areas. While we hope you never encounter any of these danger zones, it’s always better to be prepared. Have you ever encountered a safety sign that left you confused? Let us know in the comments below!

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